Top/Blazer: Chocolate w/Roll Up Sleeves;

Item# 90183 $30 (large)
Necklace: Mother of Pearl w/Swarovski Pearls; Item# TMMOPPNCK01 $25
Earrings: Wood Dangle; Item# EME2725C1 $14
Bracelets: Natural Gemstones; $10

Top: Pink & Gray Distressed;

Necklace: Cut Crystal w/Cherry Quartz Glass; Item# CCCNCK01 $22
Earrings: Pale Pink Dangle;

Item# ABEPGD06 $14
Etched Glass Perfume Bottle $8.50

Dress: Gray w/Black Stripes;

Item# D570 $32 (small, medium, large)
Purse: Black Clutch w/Studs;

Item# 98138 $24
Necklace: Black w/Tassel;

Item# NLDN2269C2 $18
Bracelet: Black Leather Wrap w/Crystals; Item# BA10696C $16

Lightweight ponchos now on sale for $25 (were $35), available in all 3 colors and one size fits all

Top: Sheer Royal Blue w/Slit Sleeves

& Tie Waist; Item# T1499 $32 (small, medium, large)
Necklace: Multi Color Crystals;

Item# AJBLNCK09 $18
Purse: Flowers & Butterflies;

Item# SS020 $40
Earrings: Drop Blue Crystals;

Item# AJRBEAR02 $12

WE HAVE CHANGED DOMAINS SO YOU CAN NOW PURCHASE ONLINE: Please check out our catalog on - you will find all kinds of great items under the catalog section! Thank you!

Dress: Vibrant Coat Dress;

Item# WO1272 $45 (medium) NOW $22.50

Purse: Flower; Item# 3112 SOLD
Necklace: Ceramic w/Natural Tiger Eye; Item# TMCERNCK03 $28
Earrings: Stone Dangle; 

Item# ABRCOTEAR02 $12

Dress: Velveteen Bib; Item# D593 $30 (small, medium, large)
Onesie: Wine Sheer w/Applique;

Item# SWBURG02 $22 
Necklace: Pewter Beads w/Chain; Item#: PCNCK03 $16
Earrings: Gold & 'Stone'; Item# EZE0279C4 $11
Purse: Flowers & Butterflies;

Item# SS021 $40

Top: Black w/Shoulder Cut Out and Crochet Trim; Item# T4137 $28 (small, large)
Necklace & Earring Set: Black Chunky Flowers; Item# NMS6198C1 $32

Dress: Animal Print Coat Dress;

Item# WO1272 $45 (medium) NOW $22.50
Necklace: Czech Glass;

Item# TMCBNCKL04 $25
Purse: Ivory & Gold; Item# BA100 SOLD
Earrings: Dangle Ivory & Clear;

Item# ABEGIESR03 $12
Bracelet: Leather w/Crystal Spikes; $22

Dress: Burgundy Tiered Sleeves;

Item# DD4316 $32
Necklace: Copper Mermaid; Item# CN1324COP $18
Earrings: Crystal & Faux Stone; Item# AJCFS02 $12

Top: Sexy Neckline; Item# T2967 $22
Earrings: Daisies w/Crystals; Item# EAE0186C4 $13
Bracelet: SOLD 

Dress: Black & White w/Fringe;

Item# B1759 $28 (small)
Earrings: Crystal Hoops; Item# EL3130612 $12
Bracelets: Leather Wrap w/Crystals;

Item# BA1069C6 $16 & Leather & Crystal Magnetic Item# BC1818C3 $22

Top: Sheer Open Front w/Lace;

Item# AJBLKL01 $26 (medium)
Necklace & Earring Set: Crochet Lace w/Beads; Item# NJN0379C1LA $16
Tights: Black Lace; $10

Top: Satin w/Sheer Sleeves & Crystal Buttons; Item# WT1036 $30 (small, medium)
Earrings: Black & Clear Crystal Hoops;

Item# E231306 $12
Tights: Black w/Hearts; $10

Dress: Pretty Print w/Tassel Belt;

Item# SJ3380 $35 (medium, large)
Necklace: Picasso Glass & Copper;

Item# CBCKTNCK01 $18
Earrings: Owls; Item# E9117C3 $12
Bracelet: Ivory Leather w/Gold;

Item# BCO154C6 $16

Dress: Multi Color Low High Hem,

Fully Lined; Item#: MA5785 $45

(medium, large)
Necklace: Ceramic, Grade A Cats Eye & Agate; Item#: GPCNCK01 $30
Earrings: Mint Green Daisies w/crystals; Item#: EAE0186C4 $13

Body Suit: Sheer Royal Blue w/Flower Appliques; Item# HMT50082 $22 (medium)
Top: Sheer Blue/Black Animal Print;

Item# WT1329 $23 (medium)
Necklace: Recycled Glass w/Grade A Cats Eye; Item# TMRGCNCK01 $25
Earrings: Crystal Hoops; Item# E2464 $16
Bracelet: Genuine Leather w/Crystal Tip; Item# BL1818C3 $18
Etched Glass Perfume Bottle; $8.50

Who needs busy malls and crowded outlets when you can shop for boho chic apparel, accessories, home goods, art and more from the comfort of your home, our home or any venue of your choice? We bring our boutique to you or wherever you would like to hold your event… With Daisies Boho Chic Traveling Boutique, you, your friends, family and coworkers can enjoy a unique retail therapy experience. Browse through our great selection of merchandise, try on some unique fashions, sip on a cocktail and have fun! You can also include a mini do it yourself spa treatment with LimeLight by Alcones 100% natural skin care or a play with LimeLights professional makeup. What is more fun than mixing beauty with fashion?! (and if you are interested in any of the LimeLight by Alcone products that are shown in pictures, click on link on bottom and it will take you to that website to order)

Hosting an event is easy with Daisies Boho Chic. We provide almost everything you will need to put on a great party - all we really need from you is the drinks and guest list! And in return for you being a hostess, you get a credit of 12% of the total sales to shop with or you can give 12% to a charity of your choice (and with almost everything $4-$45, you won't break the bank!)

We want our events to be a fun, pressure-free experience… Daisies Boho Chic Traveling Boutique simply wants to give you and your friends the chance to enjoy shopping in a comfortable, relaxed environment.

                                Contact us at for more information. We would love to hear from you and help you                                   plan the perfect event! (our contact us through this site is not working at this time so email us directly)

                                XO, Tina & Amberly

Dress: Blue w/Flowers Fully Lined;

Item# 44754 $35 (small, medium, large)
Boot Cuffs: Ivory; Item# E5249 $15
Purse Wallet: Genuine Leather;

Item# 10060 $28
Earrings: Chunky w/Cystals;

Item# BPCHKY02 $16

Dress: SOLD
Necklaces: Natural Rhodonite & Hematite; Item# RHNCK05 $30 and Natural Rose Quartz w/Swarovski; Item# RQSCNCK07 $35
Perfume Bottle: Etched Glass $8.50

Hoodies: Black & Gray Tie Dye: Right; Zippered; Item# T2801 $26 (small, medium, large): Left; Long Open Front; Item# T2948 $32 (small, medium)
Necklaces: Right; Natural Smoky Quartz w/Natural Aragonite Center Stone;

Item# TMSQANCK01 $28: Left; Rainbow Glass w/Natural Aragonite Center Stone;

Item# TMRGANCK01 $24
Bracelet: Pewter Leather Wrap w/Crystals; Item# BA1069C6 $16

Top: Open Shoulder; Item# T2887 $20
Purse: Boho Wristlet w/Detachable Long Strap; Item# HB012RD $26
Earrings: Red & Gold Studs; AJRG02 $10

Dress: Black w/Shoulder Cut Outs; Item# T2315 $32 (medium, large)
Necklace: SOLD
Purse: Metallic w/Studs & Crystals; Item# MH99 $38

Dress: Black & Teal Sheer;

Item#: WO1758 $32

(small, medium, large)
Earrings: Black with Turquoise Hoops; Item#: E3188C2, $8
Purse: Black w/Silver Studs & Detachable Strap; Item#: 98138, $24

Top: Sheer, Tie at waist; Item# T1595 $32 (small, medium)

Necklace & Earring Set: Chunky Red Flowers; Item# NM86443C2 $30

Top: Backless with Contrasting Bow; 

Item#: JT3133 $28; Right (medium); Left (medium, large)
Purse: Maroon w/Gold Accents and Subtle Butterflies & Flowers; Item# SS021 $40
Necklaces: Right; Black Fire Polish w/Faceted Grade A Cats Eye; Item# TMCENCK03 $24: Left: Seed Beads w/Closionne and Natural Garnet Pendant; Item# TMCNCK02 $25
Earrings: Black Tree of Life;

Item# EE6223C1 $12

Top: Red Embroidered Boho;

Item# 32DT7714 $32
Purse: Ivory Weave Clutch w/Detachable Strap; Item# HD1998WH $42
Earrings: Boho Dangle; Item# AJBOEAR $12

Dress: Black Asymmetrical;

Item# MA5778 $45 (small, large)
Necklace: Black & Gold Czech Glass;

Item# TMBGNCK01 $20
Earrings: Chunky Black & Gold;

Item# AJBGEAR04 $14
Bracelet: Black Genuine Leather w/Gold; Item# BC5087C4 $22

Top: Gray w/Cut Out Sleeves;

Item# T2948 $25 (small, medium, large)

Purse: Black Clutch w/Studs;

Item# 98318 $24
Necklace: Choker w/Tassel; Item# NLDN2269C2 $18
Bracelet: Silver Plated Wire;

Item# AJSWBRC02 $12

Dress: Backless Mesh Lined Bottom; Item#: WO1279, $35

(small, medium, large)
Necklace: Chunky Gray Tieback;

Item#: ABECHG02, $24
Bracelet: Leather Wrap w/Crystals;

Item#: BA10690, $16

Top: Open Shoulder; Item# T2877 $20
Necklace: Natural Rose Quartz with Swarovski Crystal; TMRQC08 $30
Earrings: Faux Rose Quartz Dangle; ABEPGD06 $14
Bracelet: Genuine Leather w/Studs & Crystals; BA1022C5 $16

Traveling Boutique.

Nylon Bomber Jacket: Olive w/Gold Zippers; Item# 150105 $35 (small)
Bracelet: Gold Wire; Item# AJGWBRC02 $12
Earrings: Gold Spike Hoops; BOER5823 $12

Top: Wine w/Crochet Trim;

Item# JTP3489KV $32 (one size)
Necklace: Natural River Shell;

Item# TMRSNCK05 $32
Bracelets: Stretchy Natural Gemstones; $10
Boot Cuffs: Wine Cable w/Lace Trim; Item# BCBURG02 $10

Dress: Black Coat Dress;

Item# 105369 $40 (small, medium, large)
Purse: Leather Wallet/Purse;

Necklace: Natural Mother of Pearl & Aragonite; Item# MOPANCK07 $34
Earrings: Pewter; Item# EPPE359C2 $16

Dress: Ivory w/ Embroidery Fully Lined;

Item# SJ3380 $38 (small, medium, large)
Necklace: Natural Moonstone; Item# TMNM01 $30
Bracelets: Natural Gemstones $10 each
Boot Cuffs: Ivory; Item# E5249 $15